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Varoline computer

Very well arranged menu with symbol structure in

full color



The Varoline computer can be used variably and is suitable for 1 to 6 compartments depending on configuration. The Varoline computer can be networked with each other and with Ethernet.

There are multiple-use possibilities: on site, via a PC, via smart phone and tablet.


You can configure the menu so that if you have non-English speaking employees who need to use the computer, they only have to use symbols.


Symbols say more than
a thousand words.






air control valve





The ACV is a new development of Devriecom b.v.. The reason for the development of this product is to improve air quality and to keep in hand the energy costs. The ACV is manufactured from durable material and has a robust and precise measuring fan. Also, the ACV carried out with a robust drive in a sealed container.



Measurement and control





measuring fan with a very
big and good range.



This measuring fan is available in als sizes til 1000 mm.


Because of its aerodynamic and sleek design, this fan measure a very wide range. It accurately measures the minimum range and causes virtually no resistance in the maximum range.


The measuring fan is direction-sensitive and provided with an LED indicator.



The installation is very simple and stable.


By measuring it is better to control






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