Air scrubbers

Proven technology

for reducing emissions of:
  Fine dust
Devrie has more than 40 years of experience in pig and poultry farm technology and is one of the market leaders in the field of air scrubbers. Around 1995 the first questions from the market for air scrubbers came and from there the development of air scrubbers for pig and poultry farming started. Devrie air scrubbers have successfully passed the German DLG-Signum test. With the DLG-Signum quality mark, the air scrubbers are approved worldwide. In the Netherlands, the air scrubbers have been included in the Rav list also. 

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Air scrubbers for existing and new stables

In 1999, the first Green Label certified Devrie air scrubber for pig houses were put into use. A little later, also for calf and poultry houses. Through years of experience, the resulting knowledge and technical expertise, the systems have been optimally further developed to guarantee reliability and ease of maintenance. The technical components and materials used are robust, durable and have already proven themselves successfully in practice. The measuring and control technology is compatible with every modern ventilation system.

Best available technology

Best available technology for current environmental requirements. Our air scrubbers are designed in such a way that they have little air resistance and are not sensitive to pollution. The air scrubbers require little maintenance and function fully automatically. Energy-efficient pumps with frequency controllers are used, which also keeps the energy consumption low. All air scrubbers are equipped with the legally required electronic logbook. This logbook is available both locally and online. The air scrubbers can be operated remotely with Varocloud remote control.


A suitable solution for every situation

It does not matter whether large or small, pressing or sucking, with or without ducts: Our air scrubbers are designed, built and delivered to measure and based on the permit requirements.

Different versions

You can choose from various versions of our air scrubbers. The air scrubbers are available as a kit for installation in a construction-side housing and are also available as a prefabricated module ready-made with its own technical room and storage space for additives.  

Years of experience = your advantage

Because we have been involved in the development, planning, production, assembly and service of air scrubbers since 1995, you can benefit from our many years of experience.

Occupational health and safety

The occupational safety of our air scrubbers has been assessed by the German Testing and Certification Centre for Agricultural and Forestry Technology (DPLF). From an occupational safety perspective, there are no concerns about the operation of our systems.