Alarm devices

Alarmanlage A8Alarm device A8

With the A8 alarm device, you can ensure reliable monitoring of your system.
It is possible to report an alarm situation in different ways. It is possible
via a siren, flash lamp and telephone (landline and mobile phone). Different sequences
and time functions can be programmed. The alarm system A8 is equipped with a battery
and trickle charger. The battery is also monitored and in case of defects an alarm will come. The alarm system A8 is an easy-to-use device and has enough space on the front for an
label with an alarm list. The A8 alarm system has a well-sealed housing that is suitable for damp and dirty environments.

IP degree of protection: IP66 according to NEMA 4.4X
IK protection level: IK08 according to IEC 622